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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

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      Intro to the Marketing Advent Calendar: Geofencing and Geofarming

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      Thanks for joining me on this 24-day series of Monday Morning Marketing. Here we’ll sample decadent coffees while discussing important topics that I think everyone should know about digital marketing.

      Today we’re taking a dive into geofencing and geofarming. Let’s get into the basic definitions.

        1. In digital marketing, geofencing refers to location-based marketing where geographic boundaries are placed around a point of interest.

      This type of marketing targets people who come within a given boundary point. This allows digital marketers to reach people who are currently at or have previously been within this fixed perimeter.

      1. Geofarming refers to the act of targeting a person after they have entered the boundaries of the geofence.

      Now that you have an understanding of what geofencing and geofarming is, watch the video to get more ideas about how you can start using these (possibly creepy!) techniques to reach your audience.

      Happy Monday!

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