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      For B2B businesses operating in 2022, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is vital to their sales and marketing teams.

      According to ITSMA, 97% of B2B marketers highlighted that Accounting Based Marketing produced "somewhat to significantly higher ROI" for their respective companies.

      That is a massive testament to the effectiveness and relevance of ABM marketing and why its importance to most companies' marketing strategies cannot be stressed enough.

      Below is a breakdown of how an ABM strategy works and the significant benefits you can expect to see from implementing it.

      Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Approach vs. Traditional Marketing

      In traditional demand generation, you would advertise your product or service to a mass audience. This gave you access to a large pool of potential clients or buyers, and they were brought into your funnel and qualified as leads for your sales team. 

      With Accounting Based Marketing, you don't target a mass audience. Instead, you dive deep in your marketing research and first identify a list of companies you want to reach out to and potentially serve.

      You would then identify the job titles you want to target for your marketing and reach out to them — with a more personalized marketing campaign. This allows you to speak directly to their challenges and pain points and tap into their motivations for solving the problems they are facing.

      Why You Need Account-Based Marketing (ABM) In Your Marketing Mix

      Better Leads With Fewer Resources - With an ABM approach, by the time someone becomes a lead, they are much more qualified than they would be if they had come in through the traditional approach of mass advertising and marketing. This means you are feeding your sales teams with good leads that are more likely to become buyers. 

      Better Personalization - Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, with ABM, marketers use their knowledge of their target accounts to generate personalized communications and messaging tailored to the target individuals' individual needs, context, and pain points.

      A Better Understanding Of Your Offering & The Problems It Solves - With ABM, your marketing team is forced to deep-dive into industry research and identify the accounts and people who fit your target personas. This allows for a better understanding of your offering and how it solves the problems of your target audience. 

      Higher ROI - Account-Based Marketing is precise and measurable, providing the highest ROI of all B2B marketing tactics. As highlighted earlier in this article, an ITSMA survey of B2B marketers showed that 97% mentioned that Accounting Based Marketing produced "somewhat to significantly higher ROI" for their respective companies.

      Why ABM


      HubSpot for ABM Marketing

      HubSpot has built a reputation in the marketing world for its robust inbound marketing tools and strategies. If you are looking to grow your business through valuable, lasting relationships with prospects and customers, HubSpot's Account Based Marketing tools are some of our favorites!

      HubSpot's software offers a complete business solution, helping you create a strong alignment between marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

      Serious about getting results?

      Digital Reach lives and breathes marketing! And we are proud Platinum Partners with Hubspot! This means our experts know HubSpot automation like the back of their hands. 

      Our experts help real businesses meet their marketing growth goals each day. We identify missed opportunities, automate marketing tasks, and generate high-quality leads for sales and marketing teams of all sizes with our solutions. 

      Find out how partnering with a high-performance agency can benefit your business's growth. 

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