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      Let’s Talk SEO

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      Today’s brew is bringing us fermented flavors and optimal search strategies. Let’s talk SEO!

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is what we use to find information online with platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

      Many people hear SEO and immediately think “keywords.” These search keywords help target specific audiences and direct people to where they should go based on associations with that particular word.

      The keywords help digital marketers reach targeted audiences simply through linking specific words that correlate with certain products or services.

      While keywords are great for categorizing info, they’re not the only aspect of information searching. There’s much more to SEO than that!

      A little-appreciated fact is that SEO is also driven by page performance indicators. Google, for example, monitors a website’s overall performance by tracking click and bounce rates. Your website’s performance in these areas has a big effect on search engine rankings. So not only do you need to focus on keywords, but you should also focus on what happens when people get to your site. If the bounce rate is high, you’ll be penalized.

      Another factor Google looks at is local versus global optimization. Google will often determine whether a search result will be ranked on a local scale or a global scale. Global does not necessarily mean the entire world, but rather throughout the country.

      Finally, SEO also takes into account your search behavior and preferences as well, meaning that you are more likely to get targeted with ads based on the things you’ve looked up in your search engine.

      Now you know some fun facts about SEO!

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