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      Connect, Delight & Nurture Your Donor Community With HubSpot

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      Learn how to harness the power of connections and relationships with your donor community, nurture donors into advocates, and inspire sustainable giving with HubSpot.

      Today's donor community is more connected than ever before, with access to innumerable online tools, information, and communities to better engage with your cause.

      It’s easy for them to find you, but if you’re not using the right tools to engage and nurture your supporters, it can be just as easy for you to lose them.

      Don't miss out on another opportunity to keep your donor community engaged and growing.

      Put the power of Hubspot’s complete, connected CRM to work for you, and watch your organization build stronger relationships with donors by giving you instantly-actionable data and insights about:

      • how they want to be communicated with
      • where they want their money to go, how they want to get involved in your mission
      • why they want to contribute

      The end result? Personalized, 1:1 connections with your potential and current donors.

      We'll show you how it all works and help you develop robust, CRM-powered nurture solutions designed for donor delight!

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      1. Create Your Own Custom Properties

      Custom properties in HubSpot are the heart of your donor data.

      They are the foundation for everything else you do with HubSpot, and they allow you to create a highly customized experience for each person who gives to your organization.

      💡Custom properties are available in all HubSpot products and plans, from Free to Enterprise.

      Custom properties let you define any type of information that is important to your organization.

      It could be anything from contact information (phone number, email address) to giving history (amounts given, frequency of giving). You can also use them to track any other information that is relevant to your organization (like employment status or employer).

      These properties are powerful because they don't just help you gather donor data: they also make it easy for you to use this data in every aspect of your marketing campaigns.

      See how we used the power of custom properties for our work with Save the Chimps, one of the largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world:



      2. Create Carefully Segmented Views Of Your Donors Using Lists

      Unmatched, intelligent segmentation is one of HubSpot's secret weapons.

      💡Lists are available in all HubSpot products and plans, from Free to Enterprise.

      Not only are there a wide variety of pre-set segments to choose from, but you can also go as deep as needed in customizing and conditioning your lists. Once you’ve established clear criteria for each of your segments and created lists, you can use them to nurture contacts with email, social media, and other marketing channels.

      And it’s not just the segmentation that makes it easy for you to nurture your donors—it’s how well HubSpot is designed to perform hyper-targeted outreach.

      HubSpot lets you:

      • avoid contacting people who have never opened your emails before, so you don’t waste time on those who aren’t interested.
      • tag users when they take specific actions on your website or in an email sequence to make sure they see more relevant content over time.

      Using automation, you can create a highly personalized experience for each segment, because each donor is served content offers that are most relevant to them.

      ⚡Power up your segmentation strategies with these guides:



      3. Use Workflows to Automate Personalized Communication

      Many nonprofits have a hard time keeping up with their donor relationships, and as a result, their donor retention rates can dip.

      Sound like a dilemma you’re facing?

      You can solve this by using HubSpot to automate and streamline your outreach efforts.

      Once you've segmented your leads into lists you can use workflows to automate personalized communication with donors based on the actions they take.

      💡Workflows available in Marketing Hub Professional/Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional/Enterprise, Service Hub Professional/Enterprise, and Operations Hub Professional/Enterprise.

      Here's an example of a workflow that could be used by a nonprofit organization:

      • When a donor initially donates to your organization, HubSpot automatically identifies new donors and adds them to a list in your CRM.
      • This list is then used as the basis for creating automated workflows that send out automated emails to new donors.
      • By using automated workflows, you can set up rules for different communication based on the actions that new donors take.

      ⚙️ New to workflows? Get up to speed with these quick tutorials from Digital Reach:


      4. Connect with Donors Through An Omnichannel Approach

      Perfecting the art of donor engagement means understanding the channels your donors hang out in and catering your communications strategy to fit accordingly. It gives your donors a holistic experience that feels personalized and, most importantly — makes it easy for them to participate.

      With HubSpot’s fully-integrated, omnichannel capabilities, not only can you connect your favorite nonprofit tools and software (like FundraiseUp or Quickbooks), you can also start reaching out to your donor community through other channels.

      💡With HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro, you can get omnichannel marketing for up to 300 workflows and up to 1,000 workflows for Marketing Hub Enterprise.

      There are countless ways you can foster personalized omnichannel experiences to your donors through HubSpot, including:

      • Personalized thank you emails
      • Email nurture series
      • Blog posts that relate to the nonprofit's mission or focus on the donor directly (as opposed to more general content)
      • Personalized landing page for donors where they can enter information about their giving history, interests and other information that will help deliver more relevant emails or content (this is great for identifying who these donors are so their experience can be tailored even further)
      • Incorporating live chat on your website with after-hours service options.

      💻📲📧 Learn personalized omnichannel strategies from these HubSpot resources:

      5. Create Smart, Targeted CTAs

      One of the most clever tools you can use within HubSpot is the Smart CTA.

      💡Smart CTAs can be created within Marketing Hub Professional/Enterprise and CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise

      As the name suggests, a smart CTA is a call-to-action that can be customized with different copy and design depending on who's viewing it.

      So, instead of showing the same CTA to everyone that goes to your site, you can display different CTAs to different users based on whatever criteria you choose.

      For example, if you have multiple donation pages on your website (and it's best if you should!) then you can tailor your CTAs specifically for each page so that each visitor sees what they need at the right time.

      Or you could use Smart CTAs to show users a discount code when they make a purchase. Or maybe you want to offer a VIP membership or special event registration to users who sign up for an email list.

      The possibilities are endless! The only limit is your imagination.

      🖱️⬅️🪄Create CTA magic with this HubSpot resource:

      One Hub for ALL Your Nurturing Needs

      Growing nonprofits like yours don’t always need to go big or go home.

      In the face of an economic recession, purchasing user licenses for another expensive piece of software + hiring more people to run it might not sound like a great idea.

      But here’s the thing: you don’t need to get every bell and whistle in the HubSpot ecosystem. Effective donor management can start with a single HubSpot Hub — the Marketing Hub — and grow from there.🌱

      Marketing Hub lets you engage your donors however you want at the moment they need it most, within your own branded environment. So you can spend less time on tedious outreach exercises and more time focused on converting new donors and retaining your current supporters.

      From Marketing Hub Free to Pro, check out the table below! We’re giving you a head start by breaking down the main features into bite-sized chunks.


      *See all features and updated pricing here.


      How Can Your Nonprofit Apply For The 40% HubSpot Discount?

      TL;DR: Head over to the HubSpot For Nonprofits page and get all the info you need.

      But if you’d rather stay right here, we’ve got the steps for you below:

      1. Is Your Nonprofit Eligible?

        In order to qualify, you must:

        • Meet all nonprofit eligibility requirements as outlined here.
        • Be located and registered as a nonprofit in North America, Australia, or New Zealand
        • Be a new HubSpot customer
        • Sign up for an annual term contract (1-year subscription)
      2. If you meet all eligibility criteria, head over to this page to Apply Now.
      3. HubSpot will confirm your eligibility via TechSoup. Application review may take up to 7 days. You will receive an email notifying you if your application has been approved. While waiting, you can always get started with Free HubSpot.

      📌 A few important points:

      • Review current and most updated pricing and plans here ➡️ HubSpot Product and Services Catalog.
      • HubSpot for Nonprofits pricing is applicable to net-new Professional or Enterprise-Tier HubSpot products. Starter Tier products and any add-ons, capacity packs, or limit increases are excluded.
      • Customers may not apply the nonprofit program pricing to existing products or subscriptions of any level, and the offer cannot be coupled with any other discount offer.

      A single Hub is great, but all the Hubs? Even greater.


      When you have multiple Hubs, it doesn't just mean that you have more opportunities to tell your organization's story.

      It also means that you have more chances to connect with your potential audience and current supporters in creative and meaningful ways. And on top of that, you’ll be able to empower your teams by eliminating bottlenecks in critical activities like grant management and revenue reporting. Best of all, you’ll all be working under one roof rather than a cobbled-together tech stack (think MailChimp + Salsa + your grant management software).

      When you’re all in HubSpot, everyone sees what everyone else is doing and updates are seamless and never clunky.

      Learn how Hub-combos can power up donor outreach even more:




      🤝🏽Nurtured Donors Are More Engaged, Donate More & Become Lifetime Supporters

      Overall, the message here is quite simple: the relationship you have with your donor community is an important one, and it deserves to be maintained.

      If your nonprofit doesn't currently invest in building more meaningful, connected experiences around your donors, there's no better time than now to start.

      After all, it's the support of your community that will keep your organization going strong for years to come. In the end, showing your donors that you value them as unique individuals can lead to long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

      With HubSpot’s powerful customizable data and targeting tools, you can show your donors that you see them as valuable individual supporters, thank them for their unique contributions, and establish bonds that last a lifetime.

      And remember - you don't need to do it all alone!

      If you’re a nonprofit looking to make the most of HubSpot’s bevy of donor management and nurturing tools, Digital Reach Online Solutions is the HubSpot Diamond Partner💎 you need by your side. Check out how we can help your nonprofit grow from good to great today: https://www.digitalreachos.com/contact-us

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