51 Marketing Hub Automations Your Team Should Know About

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      Marketing Hub x Sales Hub: Have One & Considering Adding the Other? Here’s How You Know If It’s Time

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      Did you know that HubSpot customers who have both Marketing and Sales Hub see a 144% increase in deals closed after 12 months, compared to 58% for those who only have Sales Hub or 51% for those with Marketing Hub only?


      Having both Hubs isn’t for everyone…but if you have one and consider yourself Hub-curious about the other, explore the checklists below to help you determine if a Sales Hub x Marketing Hub combo is right for you!


      For current Sales Hub users, here’s how you know it’s time to get Marketing Hub:

      You feel like you need another layer of automation between Sales and Marketing. Your salespeople are talking directly to customers (and vice versa), but there are still some gaps that need bridging before deals can close smoothly. That could be anything from setting up meetings to following up with prospects who haven't responded yet or sending relevant content.

        You have multiple marketing personas for the same target audience (i.e, different emails, content, or ad creative designed to appeal to specific customer segments).

      You're frustrated with your inability to break down silos between sales and marketing data.

      Your sales and marketing teams are spread out across multiple tools (CRM, email/marketing automation, reporting tools, etc.), and as a result, your data resides in multiple tools that don’t talk to each other.

        You have a number of leads but not enough opportunities or qualified leads because you don't have a way to recognize the right leads in your pipeline.

      Your marketing team lacks visibility into your sales pipeline and vice versa; your team has no way of seamlessly sharing information about customer personas or campaigns with each other.

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      For current Marketing Hub users, here’s how you know it’s time to get Sales Hub.

      ✅ Your sales team wants the ability to do more with the data that they’re working with — like sending personalized emails and automating events.

      ✅ Your leads are taking too long to convert. If you have a high volume of leads coming into your funnel but not enough of them converting to sales, it could be because your content isn’t relevant or compelling enough for your buyers. You need a tool that ensures that messages sent out are highly personalized and relevant for each individual prospect based on their specific needs and interests.

      ✅ You want to see how well your marketing campaigns are driving revenue and how leads convert into opportunities for your sales team.

      ✅ You want to use prospect data from other sources besides just email. Because Sales Hub integrates with many other tools in order to help find new leads who may not be on your list yet but who could become valuable customers down the road if they were reached by the right message at the right time.

      ✅ If you have more than one salesperson in your company, then you need to be using Sales Hub. The single-pane-of-glass view of your entire pipeline, contact history, and activity across multiple channels gives each rep full visibility into what everyone else is doing — so everyone can work together as a team.

      ✅ You want better visibility into the progress of your sales pipeline at any given moment in time. You want to be able to understand which of your marketing campaigns are driving revenue for each customer, so you can optimize your campaigns in real-time — leading to more revenue.

      ✅ You need a single customer database that everyone can access, so you can keep improving customer experience and driving growth.

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      Marketers and sales reps can’t be in two places at once, but they can utilize two tools at once to drive towards a single goal.


      HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and Sales Hub are built on the same technology stack, so they share many of the same features — and that makes them a powerful combination as your marketing and sales teams start really working together. 


      With both Hubs in place, you can bring the efforts of your marketing and sales teams together in real-time while also keeping each tool customized for each team’s unique needs. This is a win for both groups: you'll see improved customer relationships because your team members are easier to work with, and you'll experience increased revenue thanks to an easier time engaging with buyers at each stage of the buyer’s journey:

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      51 HubSpot Marketing Hub Automations You Should Know

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