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      What Nonprofits Need to Know: Revenue Reporting & Forecasting In HubSpot

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      Powered by comprehensive tracking tools in the Marketing and Sales Hubs, HubSpot’s revenue reporting and forecasting features enable nonprofits to approach planning with unprecedented clarity. Learn how you can use these tools to guide your organization to sustainable growth and stability.

      HubSpot's sophisticated revenue reporting and forecasting tools are typically heralded for what they can bring to for-profit businesses. But guess what? These powerful tools do the exact same thing for nonprofits and can give your development team all of the tools and clarity they need to master donation reporting and forecasting all under one roof.

      This guide will help you explore HubSpot's powerful revenue tracking tools in Marketing Hub and Sales Hub and will show you how nonprofits can easily reap the same benefits that their for-profit counterparts do.

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      Nonprofit Guide to Revenue Reporting & Forecasting with HubSpot

      Nonprofit Revenue Reporting and Forecasting with HubSpot

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      Wait. Is HubSpot Really Designed For Nonprofits To Track & Forecast Revenue Health?

      Leads. Pipelines. Deals. Sales. It’s natural for nonprofits used to nonprofit-specific tools to think these terms only apply to for-profit operations.

      But don’t let the terminology fool you! While leads, lifecycles, and sales funnels might not sound like the waters you’re normally used to swimming in, nonprofits should consider the possibilities:

      • Lead scoring prospective donors to build a donor list of profiles and prioritize leads
      • Linking fundraising campaigns to money raised to enable customized revenue reports
      • Tracking the lifecycle of contacts to deepen relationships and define the donor journey
      • Managing the pipeline of lead-to-volunteer with custom recruitment pipelines and automated emails.
      • Using HubSpot's game-changing audience segmentation tools to track the needs and concerns of your donors as they move through the sales funnel. HubSpot offers a host of smart tools to build buyer (or in your case, donor) personas that resonate with your audience, as well as to effectively nurture leads throughout your funnel.

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      Non-Profit Donations and Revenue Report in HubSpot

      Join Mandy and Mel as they walk through revenue reporting and forecasting within HubSpot + which Hubs/plans you need to surface these crucial nonprofit functionalities in less than 20 minutes!

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      So What Does HubSpot Have for Nonprofits Concerned with Revenue?

      Some of the most common revenue health-related issues that our nonprofit clients come to us with can be easily solved by HubSpot:

      • Disjointed, disparate, and/or outdated, legacy tools
      • Platforms with clunky integrations
      • Not knowing exactly where donations are coming from
      • Not seeing exactly how campaigns are doing
      • Not knowing how to clearly measure campaign ROI

      HubSpot's revenue tracking tools allow you to accurately report on your financial progress, giving your development team all of the tools they need to:

      • Measure revenue from individual campaigns. Set up goals for each campaign to track how well it performs over time. This allows you to see which campaigns are bringing in the most donations and which ones need improvement. You can also compare one campaign against another to see which is working better for your organization.
      • Forecast future revenue based on past performance. HubSpot makes it easy to predict how donations will roll in over time based on past results. You can enter data from previous quarters or years into the forecasting tool and see what kind of growth you can expect going forward — and it will account for any seasonality effects that may affect your numbers (for example, a giving boost during the holiday season).
      • Track your nonprofit's revenue in real-time as you work with donors, leads, and customers. With easy tools such as HubSpot payments, you’ll get real-time accounting for where your organization is at without the manual work of sending out payment links, manually logging donation amounts, and more.
      • Built-in analytics that allow you to easily see trends over time. Gain insight into how your programs are performing, where you need to focus more attention, and what types of activities are most successful at generating donations or leads.

      With this kind of clarity and deep insight into the true nature of your donations, your team will have everything you need to make informed decisions about where to spend your money and what kind of messaging will help you reach your goals.

      Putting It All Together: 3 Steps To Preparing and Applying Nonprofit Revenue Projections

      Step 1: Harness and link your donor data to build beautiful custom reports.

      Making a custom report is among the easiest things you can do with your data in HubSpot, and when you have a little bit of knowledge about how these reports work, you're able to share your insights with your whole team.

      If you’re still not using HubSpot 100% and have data in other tools, you can pipe that data into HubSpot from your other apps to streamline your analysis using HubSpot’s best-in-class integrations. HubSpot is still able to analyze click-through rates from your preferred email tools or analyze ads data from their native platforms.

      With HubSpot Custom Reports, you can segment and filter based on information that matters to you at the moment - donor demographics or location, event attendance, interests, etc. to present cross-sections of your audience.

      💡Custom Report Builder is available on Marketing Hub Professional/Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional/Enterprise, Service Hub Professional/Enterprise, Operations Hub Professional/Enterprise, CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise.

      To start building your report:

      • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Reports.
      • In the upper right, click Create report.
      • In the Build from scratch section, click Custom Report Builder.

      Dig into the details of custom report building with this HubSpot Knowledge Base article.

      Step 2: Keep tabs on past donor behavior, and use these patterns to inform your strategies.

      Before you can make a plan for how to raise more money next year, you need to know what your donors have done so far. With the ability to capture ALL of your donor data under one roof, HubSpot helps you create reports that illuminate trends in contributor behavior.

      Because it’s a CRM first, HubSpot can surface answers to these critical questions:

      • Which of your fundraising platforms is bringing in the most revenue?
      • Which campaigns are getting donors excited about your cause, and which ones aren’t?
      • What time of year does your community give the most?

      To collate, track and analyze these critical pieces of data, attribution reports are the way to go.

      You can create three types of attribution reports in Marketing Hub, each one measuring a different type of conversion:

      • Contact-create attribution reports can help you understand which marketing efforts result in the most new contacts.
      • Deal-create attribution reports can help you understand which marketing efforts result in the most new deals (Marketing Hub Enterprise only).
      • Revenue attribution reports can help you understand which marketing efforts result in the most won revenue (Marketing Hub Enterprise only).

      💡Multi-touch Attribution Reports are available in Marketing Hub Professional/Enterprise, and CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise.

      Get started and learn how to create attribution reports with this HubSpot Knowledge Base article.

      Step 3: Start creating campaigns that convert!

      Now you’ve got all of your data compiled in easy-to-read custom reports, it’s time to turn it into effective, meaningful, and personalized campaigns!

      Hubspot can help you optimize campaigns for maximum impact so you can take advantage of every opportunity to tell your organization's story and turn supporters into lifelong advocates.

      How Can Your Nonprofit Apply For The 40% HubSpot Discount?

      1. Is Your Nonprofit Eligible?
      2. If you meet all eligibility criteria, be sure to apply for the HubSpot for Nonprofits discount!
      3. HubSpot will confirm your eligibility via TechSoup. Application review may take up to 7 days. You will receive an email notifying you if your application has been approved. While waiting, you can always get started with Free HubSpot.

              In order to qualify, you must:

      📌 A few important points:

      • Review current and most updated pricing and plans here ➡️ HubSpot Product and Services Catalog.
      • HubSpot Nonprofit Product Discount is currently only available to eligible nonprofits in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.
      • HubSpot for Nonprofits pricing is applicable to net-new Professional or Enterprise-Tier HubSpot products. Starter Tier products and any add-ons, capacity packs, or limit increases are excluded.
      • Customers may not apply the nonprofit program pricing to existing products or subscriptions of any level, and the offer cannot be coupled with any other discount offer.

      Don't have time to chase down discounts?

      Let our nonprofit specialists help you maximize your savings and impact. Get in touch!

      Don’t Buy Into the Misconception that HubSpot is Only for For-Profits. It’s GREAT for Nonprofits, And We’d Love To Show You Why!✨🎯

      Digital Reach Online Solutions is an award-winning HubSpot Diamond Partner 💎 and we’ve helped nonprofits large and small use HubSpot to boost donor acquisition and retention, manage grant applications & volunteer recruitment, forecast revenue, analyze campaign performance, and more.

      Talk to one of our HubSpot for Nonprofits experts today!


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