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      Top 3 Challenges Nonprofits Face Today & How HubSpot Fixes Them All

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      Ready to reimagine how your nonprofit can attract, convert and innovate the way you run your fundraising campaigns? Here are some insights for you. 

      Does your nonprofit need some HubSpot love? In today’s digital landscape, it probably does.

      With the emergence of hybrid work and our ever-increasing reliance on online channels, both doing business and doing good has changed. 

      How can nonprofits keep up? More importantly, how can nonprofits reach, retain and engage a new, more digitally connected audience, incorporate the latest tech and online marketing strategies into their fundraising campaigns without adding one more thing to their already packed schedule or sacrificing a chunk of their already limited resources?

      It’s not about cutting-edge tools or bleeding-edge technology. It’s about reimagining the purpose, methods, and scope of what a nonprofit can do to keep its mission going in today's digitized world.

      Let’s take a look at three of the most common challenges faced by nonprofits today and how HubSpot + Digital Reach can offer cost-effective yet impactful solutions for each.

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      1. Reaching and attracting the right audience.


      The Challenge

      In a world forever reshaped by a global pandemic, political unrest and a host of other social issues, the way people choose what to support, where they donate and how much of their money to put towards nonprofit organizations they care about has changed drastically.

      That’s not to say that the donor pool has decreased, in fact recent data shows that overall giving has increased by 4%! So your donors are happy to give; it’s just that today’s audience is simply more fragmented. As a quick example, HubSpot’s report on Nonprofit Marketing + Fundraising Trends for 2022 shows some key differences in generational giving:

      • Younger donors (18-29) prefer recurring donations.
      • Gen Z and Millenials prefer to donate via Facebook, social media, texting, or mobile apps.
      • Boomers far prefer to donate by mail than other channels.
      • Gen Z and Millennials want to receive updates from nonprofits at least monthly.
      • Boomers (+ Gen Xers) want to hear from nonprofits quarterly or yearly rather than monthly or weekly.

      In shortsimply reaching out to the right donors is becoming a tricky beast. Aside from donors, you also want to attract volunteers, sign ups for virtual/on-site events or recruit board members.

      And chances are, your legacy CRM is limited in its ability to perform more targeted workflows. At this stage, you can’t afford a hit-and-miss. You could be chasing low-quality prospects who will never donate, have no desire to attend your next fundraising event or just are not interested in your cause. No matter how many emails you deliver or social media marketing you expose them to, if it’s not reaching the right people, your efforts are wasted.


      The Solution: HubSpot Marketing Hub + CRM Hub

      Take advantage of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to tap into a specific demographic, specific region or specific high-net-worth individuals. 

      HubSpot Marketing Hub manages and automates all your marketing, lead generation and SEO in one place. With its powerful segmentation capabilities, your campaigns are delivered to quality prospects providing the highest possible chance for them to convert into donors, staff, volunteers and event attendees.

      You can connect to HubSpot CRM Hub to log and organize any customer contact with your organization automatically. 

      The result? Gain a clear picture of who your ideal supporters are, where they hang out online and simply put an end to the guesswork.

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      2. Retaining and engaging both potential and existing donors.


      The Challenge

      Donor retention and engagement is critical for all nonprofits but is also one of the most challenging pain points. That said, there are a lot of reasons why donors can become disenchanted with an organization - from poor communication to lack of results. But once donors are gone, it can be difficult (and expensive) to win them back.

      So, how do you make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them happy? Personalization. And what’s better? Automating personalization so you can move away from time-consuming manual processes and place your focus on other activities your organization values the most.

      According to HubSpot, Segmentation & Personalized Campaigns ranks #2 in their list of 2022 Nonprofit Marketing Must-Haves:

      “With all the data there is to collect, personalization is now a staple marketing strategy for orgs of all sizes. In 2022, segmentation and personalized campaigns will become even more targeted and help to boost engagement with audiences. “

      Through personalization, you can:

      • Make donors feel special. They want to know they’ve made an impact and that their gift has had a positive effect on your organization. This goes beyond just thanking them for their support and including a note in their acknowledgement letter or sending them a gift back depending on the amount they donate. Swag like custom shirts, cookies, coffee mugs, etc. make a lasting impression.
      • Make it easy for them to give again! This can be as simple as sending out a newsletter every three months or updating them with news about your mission or programs via email or social media every couple of months. But don’t forget about those annual appeals! Donors who receive letters from you year-round are much more likely to give again than those who only hear from you during the annual campaign period.

      The Solution: HubSpot Marketing Hub + Sales Hub Starter (or Pro)

      To supercharge your personalization efforts, automate them through HubSpot!

      By running automated personalization workflows in HubSpot Marketing Hub + Sales Hub, you can:

      • Segment based on gifting amounts or frequency
      • Segment based on content consumption
      • Personalize using smart content in emails and landing pages
      • Personalize using calculated properties for personalized donation appeals
      • Send gifts to donors based on how much they gift or frequency

      For a complete walkthrough of the above workflows, jump over this link and check out our LinkedIn Live Video of The HubSpot Happy Hour + Q&A . Follow along with a more in-depth discussion & visual demonstration personalization automation for nonprofits with Mandy, Digital Reach CEO + Founder and Kayla, Digital Reach Social Media Specialist.

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       3. Fundraising.


      The Challenge

      Fundraising is one of the biggest organization’s biggest challenges—and biggest end goal, whether you run a well-known nonprofit or a local charity.

      Even more so in today's post-pandemic landscape, economic uncertainty and soaring inflation rates, your donors and supporters need a concrete and meaningful reason why they should choose to care about your cause more than others.

      The easiest fix? Fortify your fundraising campaigns by supplementing your operations with HubSpot’s smart, powerful software; you can effortlessly store and automate everything you need under one roof: fundraising, marketing, and communications.


      The Solution: HubSpot Marketing Hub + Sales Hub Starter + HubSpot CRM Hub

      Here’s a real-world example:

      HubSpot’s CRM Hub enables you to store information about your donors in one place so that it becomes easy for you to reach out to them in the future. You can keep track of all the activities they have been involved in over time so that when they need something specific again – like an invitation letter or a tax receipt – you will be ready with what they need right away without having to go through the motions again.

      The result is effortless communication between yourself and your donor, making them feel valued at every point of contact.

      HubSpot can also let you:

      • Get more pages on your website by using templates and forms. The more information you have about potential donors and volunteers, the better you can tailor your message to them.
      • Set up online donation forms on your site so people can make donations quickly and easily. Afterwards, track who donates what and when they donate it so you can follow up with them later if necessary.
      • Create an email campaign that asks people to donate and provides details on how much money has been raised so far.
      • Create an email campaign to build relationships with new prospective donors or other stakeholders.
      • Use analytics to see which channels are driving the most donations.

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      Digital Reach Specializes In Helping You Help 


      There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the challenges nonprofits face, but one thing is certain — digital marketing isn't going anywhere. With the right automation and CRM behind you, you can win hearts and minds with every campaign. And for that, HubSpot is the solution. In addition, they offer a 40% discount for nonprofits who intend to use their platform.

      If you’re new to HubSpot or still using legacy software, this can all seem like a lot of work. That’s where we come in. As HubSpot Diamond Partners and nonprofit marketing specialists, we can help you cut through the clutter, reach your donors and help you grow. You can jump on a call with our team right now or browse through our solutions for Nonprofit Marketing!

      Digital Reach Nonprofit Marketing Success: Real Stories, Real Results👇🏽

      Through our work with Save the Chimps, one of the largest chimpanzee island sanctuaries in the world, we’ve reaped incredible results through HubSpot:

      • 23.56% average open rate on their emails, though many exceeded 30%+. This is up from 9.29% open rate in 2020
      • 369% increase in donations compared to 2020
      • 463% increase in average donation amount compared to 2020

      Read the Case Study: How HubSpot Helped Hundreds of Chimps Find Freedom & A Forever Home

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