51 Marketing Hub Automations Your Team Should Know About

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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

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      Sales Hub Is An Undercover Donation-Driving Superstar For Your NPO

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      Is your nonprofit looking to leap from spreadsheet-run to technology-powered? You need the HubSpot Sales Hub. Learn how this single tool can give your org the perks of tech-enabled sales and marketing — zero IT experience required, no expensive up-front fees.

      HubSpot’s Sales Hub could just be every nonprofit's best-kept, secret sauce to donor-centric activities — an all-in-one, affordable donation-driving tech partner, putting an end to all your nonprofit CRM pain points once and for all.

      Take a look under the Sales Hub hood and learn 4 specific ways that prove HubSpot dramatically improves donation efforts and helps NPOs of all types and sizes manage donations, cultivate donor relationships, dip into untapped program revenue streams and eliminate the need to get one more person on the payroll or investing in overly-expensive tools.

      HubSpot Sales Hub for NPOs: 4 Practical Solutions For Skyrocketing Donation Growth


      1. Grant Tracking

      What Is It?

      Why Does It Matter?

      How Does Sales Hub Solve It?

      You’re a nonprofit, and you want to spread the word about your good work. But first, you need to get funding.

      That means applying for grants and writing proposals — and keeping track of them all.

      💡Grant tracking and management is the process of keeping tabs on what's happening with the grant application process, from initial submission through funding approval and beyond. You can also use grant tracking to manage grant payments and reimbursements.

      ✔️NPOs know that grant tracking can mean a large amount of paperwork, and labor-intensive communications. 

      🧡The value a CRM brings for grant tracking and management is that it can provide a central location to store all the information you need to support your grant applications. This includes not just the application itself, but also supporting documents like budgets and proposals, as well as records of follow-up communications with funders and contractors.

      ✔️Grant applications are often time-sensitive and require a lot of attention and resources to keep track of. If you’re working with a tight budget, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to stay on top of all your grant opportunities.

      ✔️NPOs often have multiple grant applications open at any given time. This means that they need a way to manage all of them, track which ones are coming in and going out, and know what kind of progress they’ve made so far on each one.

      ✔️Grants are often a major source of funding for your organization, and usually one of the few reliable ways to get money to do the work that you want to do, and they can be very important for growing your organization.

      ✔️When mismanaged, grantmakers' organizations, large and small foundations, government assistance agencies, and corporate donors may lose faith in you and stop funding altogether.

      Because Sales Hub is designed specifically for sales teams who want to streamline their prospecting process while improving their chances of closing more deals, it is also an ideal solution for NPOs who want to track their grant applications and manage their resources more efficiently.

      💡How can Digital Reach help?

      As HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partners, we're happy to show you some set-and-forget grant tracking workflows in HubSpot:

      ✔️11-Minute Video Tutorial: Grant Management for Nonprofits Inside of HubSpot

      ✔️HubSpot-Accepted Solution from Digital Reach - Examples of nonprofits using HubSpot for grant tracking (with easy-to-follow Iorad tutorial)


      2. Personalized Workflows

      HubSpot Workflow 2


      What Is It?

      Why Does It Matter?

      How Does Sales Hub Solve It?

      NPOs should always look for opportunities to engage, attract and retain donors/supporters through personalized messages.


      💡The reason is obvious and simple: your supporters love receiving personal messages. They're more likely to feel appreciated, and they're willing to spend more money with nonprofits that send them customized communications.


      ✔️Beyond making supporters feel good, personalized messages can also improve your bottom line by increasing donations, and fostering long-term relationships — all essential for running a successful org.


      While the concept is simple, implementation can be a bit tricky. Not all audiences are the same and not all audiences can be reached through the same channels.


      🧡An intelligent CRM provides endless ways for smart segmentation and personalized automated workflows, including sending business gifts based on donation amount/frequency.


      Automating personalization leaves you hands-free to focus more time on other important tasks.

      ✔️Every nonprofit marketer or administrator knows sending personalized messaging isn't easy. It takes time and effort to set up an effective personalization strategy, and it takes even more time to maintain that strategy over time as your company grows and changes.

      ✔️Despite challenges, the benefits of personalization extend beyond feel-good messaging. Personalized content also increases website engagement, improves social media performance, and enhances brand awareness.

      ✔️Personalization helps nonprofits communicate with their audiences in a way that resonates with them on a deeper level. It allows you to tailor your message so that it speaks directly to your audience's interests or needs. This approach helps you avoid generic messaging that may be overlooked or ignored by your audience—or worse yet, perceived as spammy or impersonal.

      ✔️Aside from donors, personalization can be especially important in building a relationship with new stakeholders and volunteers or attracting event attendees - even if they’ve never had any prior interaction with you before.

      Simple: automating personalization.


      Here’s a real-world example:


      You’ve set up a merch page on your site as one way to raise funds. 


      A donor visits your website and purchases a specific type of merch.


      In Sales Hub, you can set up workflows that are triggered based on the donor’s specific action: merch purchase. 


      The workflow will put your donor in a personalized email nurture cycle where they will receive an email with a video of your recipients benefitting from that specific purchase.


      The result is a happy donor who receives timely, personalized communications from your org with workflows and email templates that you’ve pre-set in HubSpot for this particular purpose.


      💡How can Digital Reach help?


      As HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partners, we're happy to show you some set-and-forget personalization automation workflows in Hubspot:


      ✔️7-Minute Read:

      Automate Donor Engagement In Hubspot: The 5-Step Guide For NPOs (with links, step-by-step guides, live video recording & screenshots)


      3. Revenue Reporting & ForecastingSales Hub (4)(source HubSpot)

      What Is It?

      Why Does It Matter?

      How Does Sales Hub Solve It?

      NPOs rely on a variety of sources for funding, including donations, grants, fees for services, and more. As a result, having the ability to track revenue and forecast future income is crucial for nonprofits.

      💡Without it, you can't understand how well your organization is doing financially, which in turn makes it difficult to forecast what to change, and how to improve.

      ✔️Revenue reporting provides the foundation for many other functions, including budgeting, fundraising, and evaluating program effectiveness. It's useful for donors to see how their contributions are being used. It can also help them decide whether or not they want to continue donating money to the organization.

      🧡A CRM works behind the scenes collecting data from across all your revenue streams and analyzing critical information to determine what's working and what isn't. It will also empower your team to forecast where you'll be in the future based on current trends and changes in your organization.

      ✔️Revenue reporting and forecasting help nonprofits manage their budgets more effectively by providing visibility into which programs are helping them reach their goals, and which ones aren't working as well as expected.

      ✔️Revenue forecasting can also help nonprofits determine their capacity for growth — whether or not they have enough resources available to support new initiatives, or if they need additional funding before those initiatives can move forward successfully.

      ✔️Revenue forecasting is especially important for nonprofits because they rarely have the option to raise prices to cover costs. This makes it critical for them to manage their budgets carefully — but it also means they need accurate information about how much money they're bringing in so they can predict future revenue streams.

      HubSpot Sales Hub helps nonprofits by giving them more control over their data, giving them more visibility into their sales efforts, and helping them forecast future revenues:

      ✔️Measure the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns. You can use HubSpot Sales Hub to track your lead generation and conversion rates across all of your online activities, including website visitors, social media followers, email subscribers, and more. You'll be able to see which marketing methods are working best for you so you can focus on those that deliver results.

      ✔️Track your revenue sources in one place. HubSpot Sales Hub lets you see how different channels contribute to your overall revenue stream so you can better allocate resources and budget accordingly.

      ✔️Forecast future revenue based on historical data trends. You can see how much money your organization has generated over time and what kind of growth rate it's experiencing so far this year by comparing actual performance against previous years' data points and projecting forward based on current trends

      💡How can Digital Reach help?

      As HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partners, we always come prepared to help you make sense of your org’s data with powerful tools that enable you to see what’s working (and what’s not) — even if you don't have a dedicated programmer on staff!


      4. Donations Management


      Sales Hub (2)

      What Is It?

      Why Does It Matter?

      How Does Sales Hub Solve It?

      Nonprofit organizations rely on donations to fund their operations. Therefore, your organization needs a reliable system in place to keep track of all donations received. This ensures that you can accurately report on your finances and stay compliant with state reporting laws.

      💡Nonprofits have to ensure that they are appropriately receiving funds and that they are using them for the right purposes. They also need to be able to account for all the money they receive so that they can prepare their tax returns accurately at the end of each year.

      🧡A CRM is an invaluable tool that can help manage donations by centralizing all information about donors and associated transactions, giving you a single place where all donor data is consolidated.

      ✔️Nonprofits that can manage donations effectively give supporters and stakeholders peace of mind which leads to higher donor retention rates and better conversion on future campaigns.

      ✔️Donations management also helps nonprofits gain new donors by keeping track of where their money comes from. You can see which events are most effective at bringing in donations and then use them again in the future.

      ✔️Donations management also allows your organization to stay on top of its finances by knowing exactly how much money it has coming in each month or year. This will help you make decisions about how much money should be spent on administrative costs, staff salaries, etc.

      Whatever your situation, the HubSpot Sales Hub offers both native solutions and easy integrations for seamless donation management.

      Here’s the reality: there is no single best way to manage donations. Every nonprofit has a different set of needs, goals, and existing systems. 

      But this is what makes HubSpot so effective for every NPO it’s so malleable, it can be shaped into however you need your donations to be managed.

      With over 1000+ available integrations, you can connect your favorite or existing payment/donation management systems into Sales Hub, for example,

      ✔️HubSpot Sales Hub Pro takes payments

      ✔️Classy beautifully integrates with HubSpot

      💡How can Digital Reach help?

      ✔️We created the Zap that allowed Nonprofits to easily track donations inside HubSpot. Find more details and a step-by-step workflow here.

      ✔️Get HubSpot for Nonprofits Tutorials On-Demand.


      Sales Hub Is Your Low-Cost, High-Precision CRM For Social Good ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾

      Sales Hub (3)

      With another recession looming over the horizon, many NPOs today equate CRM as just another financial burden. In truth, it may be the one thing that can save you both time and money in the long run.

      That's the beauty of HubSpot Sales Hub for NPOs.

      If you're thinking costs, NPOs have the option to use the tool completely free and simply add on paid functionalities as needed. In addition to that, HubSpot offers qualified nonprofits a 40% discount.

      Hands down, Sales Hub is the industry-leading solution for modern nonprofits. As a single unified platform, Sales Hub provides your organization with;

      • an easy-to-deploy CRM
      • personalized automated donation campaigns
      • donor management tools
      • content/campaign automation
      • grant tracking and management

      And best of all, Sales Hub frees you from tedious, costly, manual tasks and gives you back your time. Time for a break, to grab a well-deserved cup of coffee, or to focus on other things on your endless to-do list that keeps your noble cause going.

      HubSpot Nonprofit Marketing To Grow, Get Found & Give Back 🌱

      In the face of economic uncertainty, 🏔️ Digital Reach is the  HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner💎that helps you get the most out of Sales Hub at reasonable price points.

      Even if we don’t end up working together, we’re the biggest HubSpot evangelists and truly believe that every NPO deserves a CRM that has its cause at the front and center of its solutions.

      Explore our services or simply grab time on our calendar. We’d love to chat.

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