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      Webinar Woes? Here's a HubSpot guide to engaging, profitable webinars

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      There’s a lot of advice and complicated tech out there that's purported to make webinars great again. Tired of all the hype with no results? Here’s a much simpler way to plan and execute great webinars that people get excited about, all powered by HubSpot. Grab some ideas here and make your next webinar your best, most engaging yet!

      You may ask — are webinars still worth it? We’re long past social distancing; certainly we can now hold in-person events that are easily more engaging…right?

      Sure you can. But when they’re done right, webinars can be a powerful marketing + sales tool that’s hard to match with an in-person event.


      Why webinars = marketing success


      These recent webinar stats also paint an optimistic picture for anyone still on the fence:

      • The webinar market is projected to reach $800 million by 2023 (Letter.ly)
      • Over 70% of webinar marketers say that webinars are either highly effective or most effective (Webinar Software)
      • Consumers say they are 27% more likely to sign up for a webinar that teaches them something about a hobby or passion. (Thrive My Way)

      Read on as we drill down on some tips, strategies, and HubSpot resources to help you host your next (awesome!) webinar.

      HubSpot and GoToWebinar teamed up to bring you the ultimate webinar planning kit that can help you create a compelling, effective webinar that will engage potential customers and drive lead generation.

       HubSpot Webinar Planning Kit

                       Download The FREE HubSpot Webinar Planning Kit Now


      Check Out These HubSpot-Powered Webinar Strategies 🔎✨

      If you’ve already hosted a webinar or two but are looking for more effective ways to make it an engine to drive conversion and increase sales, try these tips!

      • Automate, Automate, Automate With HubSpot

      When prepping for a webinar, you’ll want your hands and time free from admin so you can focus on more impactful activities, like getting on the phone with potential attendees, meeting your guests or co-hosts, answering queries from potential attendees, creating slides, etc.

      So leave the tedious manual work to your CRM and leverage HubSpot’s no-code, set-and-forget workflows to do your webinar admin for you!

      Check out these videos for webinar workflow how-to’s:

      This quick video shows you how to simplify the process of enrolling contacts in your webinar. Invite with a simple click of a button, track who’s going and who’s not, and more!

      Want to send automated emails to invite leads to your webinar? Cross that off your to-do list with HubSpot! This quick Digital Reach session shows you what you can automate (including automated emails) and how to set them up in HubSpot.


      • Integrate Your Favorite Webinar Platform with HubSpot

      According to Webinar Software, 70% of marketers have integrated their webinar software with their CRM or marketing automation platform or both because…why jump through multiple tools when you can work from one CRM?

      Whether you prefer to work on Zoom, GoToWebinar, or On24, you can start working seamlessly on one platform, take advantage of HubSpot’s tools, and capture your contacts within your CRM by connecting them with HubSpot. Explore webinar platform + HubSpot integrations here.

      • Maybe Don't Call Your Webinar... A Webinar?

      While webinar is a perfectly acceptable term, you can catch your audience’s attention even more by calling it by another, catchier name, depending on what’s appropriate. Here are some other alternatives:

            • Masterclass
            • Session
            • Expert Talk
            • Roundtable
            • Lecture
            • Tutorial
            • [Platform] Live (e.g. LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, etc.)
            • Virtual Event

      You can also whip up some clever webinar titles. Take a page from HubSpot’s playbook and find some catchy webinar name suggestions here: The Catchiest Webinar Titles We've Seen, Plus How to Make Your Own

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      • Repurpose Your Webinar Into Other Content Opportunities

        One webinar = a dozen great ways to repurpose:
            • Webinar recordings can be turned into on-demand videos sent via email or posted on your website.
            • Audio transcripts can be used to turn into blogs or free downloadables.
            • With a little creativity, webinars can even be expanded into different podcast episodes talking about related topics (or the same topic, from a different perspective).
            • Answers to questions asked during your webinar can be used as FAQs or HubSpot Knowledge Base entries.
            • Slides used in webinars can be turned into downloadable resources. Put them in your HubSpot document library and get notified when your audience is consuming your materials long after the webinar concludes.
      • Set Up An Intuitive, Engaging, SEO-Optimized Webinar Landing Page

      A responsive webinar landing page can help your webinar pop up on Google for interested searchers. With forms built into your landing page, you'v created a great source of organic traffic.

      HubSpot makes it easy for you to do all of the above. Start with these resources:

      Creating Landing Pages in HubSpot

      But — as always, practice quality over quantity. Sure, you can cast a wide net, but it’s better to attract the right group of people who can take home more value from your webinar and will become your brand's evangelists.

      Use HubSpot’s powerful segmentation tools to help you find and attract the audience for your webinar’s intended purpose.

      Start segmenting your prospects with this HubSpot resource: Customer Segmentation: How to Effectively Segment Users & Clients.

      • Offer Something Valuable & Useful

      While participants will usually be satisfied when they find your webinar content helpful and insightful, they’ll be even happier to receive something in return for their time.

      You can offer certificates of completion, professional development hours, or continuing education credits.

      For VIP attendees, you can go the extra mile by sending gifts! We love using Postal.io for exactly this purpose. Its integration with HubSpot is an excellent tool for seamless, personalized gifting.


      🚨Need a little help?🆘 HubSpot has awesome webinar-enhancing tools right at your fingertips. If you know how to use them! The team at Digital Reach is only a click away if you need any help. Let’s talk!


      Who Are We And Why Are We Equipped To Help You?

      Digital Reach Online Solutions is a Diamond HubSpot Partner 💎 agency and was recently awarded by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising HubSpot Providers of 2022! If you have webinar questions - especially those around making HubSpot do the heavy lifting for you - get in touch! 🔗 https://www.digitalreachos.com/ 🚀

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