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      Know More About What's Happening In Your Business — With Oribi

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      Spot the conversion impact of every step in your funnel.

      You’ve hired a great marketing team.

      And you’ve access to loads of data — thanks to your agency — on how your campaigns are doing.

      But you’re missing context on that data. And a lot of it goes back to being unable to track at the most granular level to see what’s really happening — even though you have Google Analytics set up.

      Google Analytics is great. But it can be hard to find meanings behind all those stats and numbers.

      After all, what’s the point of tracking so many things if they can’t help you see what’s actually happening?

      Many times, your marketing team IS getting great results. But they’re faced with the challenge of being able to communicate your wins in a way you understand.

      To understand what meaningful gains and wins are taking place at every granular step of your funnel, you need to arm your marketing team (or agency) with a tool that does more than just pull out raw data.

      Enter Oribi…


      Let’s face it . . . Most of us simply don’t have the time nor desire to learn the complicated ways of leveraging Google Analytics efficiently. And we certainly don’t have the time to rely on GA’s tech support all the time.

      We need something that can allow us self-sufficiency and a friendly interface. We want to be able to share meaningful data with our non-data-savvy colleagues and stakeholders.

      So if endless reports and  mountains of data aren’t your thing, Oribi is the answer you've been looking for.

      Businesses using Oribi are able to track all of their marketing activities in one dashboard, and know exactly how each of them adds to sales. This includes sponsored advertising, newsletters, and other forms of content.

      All that meaningful data — because data just by itself doesn’t do us any good — helps to identify those not-so-obvious conversion opportunities and spot exactly where your business is leaking money.

      This is especially important when you are rolling out optimizations that are harder to track the impact of. Being able to visualize how all your optimizations are impacting your business — however little they may be — puts you in the best seat to make the most optimal decisions.

      By arming their marketing teams and agencies with a tool like Oribi, business owners can now find more meaning in all the granular sets of data at every marketing touch point in their campaigns.

      “Oribi brought the company forward more in the past week than the company had in the past 90-some years…It was able to pull analytics, look at the visitor journey, look at the information that I hadn’t been previously look at and do it quickly…now we’ve got significant data we can use to make decisions. It (Google Analytics) doesn’t give me the same intent (data) and the same information that Oribi does.”

      Pete Jones | Director of Growth Management, Perfection Learning

      Easy Set-Up

      You’re probably thinking . . . sure, this looks good. But you’re already set up with Google Analytics and you don’t want to disrupt something that’s already working right?

      If you already have Google Analytics installed, all you have to do is replace that code or put the oribi code just after it — if you prefer to have both installed simultaneously.

      Just one line of code. That’s all you need. The verification process is straightforward. You do need to wait 24 hours for your account to get set up. Oribi will start to pull meaningful insights in the meantime.

      Why Oribi over Google Analytics?

      Automatic Event Tracking


      Unlike GA, Oribi takes away your dependence on developers. It tracks all your events for you automatically. You simply define the event you want to track — button clicks, form submissions, etc — and it takes care of the tracking.

      Events are automatically updated, saving you time on maintenance. Oribi also allows you to export codeless events to Facebook and Google ads, and identify your prospects via their emails — presently not possible with Google Analytics.

      ✔️ No need to define each event manually.

      ✔️ No need for a developer.

      More Visibility On Visitor Journeys and Funnels

      Oribi gives better visibility on your visitor journeys and funnel steps — all while saving you a ton of time!

      With Oribi, you can see what actions your visitors are taking from the moment they come to your funnel till the time they are out.

      Track individual journeys along with aggregate journeys and identify common behaviors — across all domains, organic or inorganic traffic. Allowing you to segment your audience with more precision across all your campaigns.

      Google Analytics limits you to only being able to choose page visits as your funnel steps. You don’t have the ability to track the buttons your visitors click. Oribi doesn’t just allow you to track buttons but also does it automatically from the moment the code is installed on your site.

      So you have visibility on any and every event that occurred from the time the Oribi code was installed — not from the time you defined an event to be tracked like in Google Analytics.

      You get to see the performance on every micro-step of your funnel.  Giving you the ability to focus on improving conversions incrementally at every step — to impact the bigger conversion picture.


      Better Attribution.

      Since Oribi tracks more events and touchpoints automatically, it naturally leads to better attribution. You get to dive deeper into what is actually impacting conversions and their respective percentages. Helping you examine your efforts and measure the effectiveness of each channel, campaign and step on the overall conversion.

      With Google Analytics, you only get data on the last touch attribution model. This means you never the accurate or full picture — skewing performance reports.

      Event Correlations.

      Event Correlations lets you discover how a certain event impacts another in your funnel — and hence on your conversion. Are visitors who spent more than a minute on your homepage more likely to buy? Are they even more likely to convert if they watched your video?

      You don’t have access to this level of tracking with Google Analytics — as GA doesn’t let you correlate events. It falls into the overall goal of Oribi to give you more visibility at every step of your funnel.

      Customized Reports. 24/7 Support. Superior Privacy.

      With Google Analytics you have to prepare what metrics you want in your report, by including them manually. With Oribi, they’re tracked automatically from the time you install the code on your site. You get fully customizable reports that you can export and send with just a click!

      Oribi also abides by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So your personal data is never saved by default. Subject data rights are always protected. You can request permanent deletions of your visitors’ personal data and control what gets sent to Oribi.

      You also get access to 24/7 Support — which you probably won’t need since the tool is so easy to use! But it’s certainly something Google Analytics won’t give you.

      With Oribi, you get assigned a dedicated account manager to help you optimize your funnel, and help with campaigns and optimizations.

      Looking For a Marketing Team With Proven Results?

      At Digital Reach, our philosophy is simple. We have partners – not clients! We understand that digital marketing is about designing an ecosystem centered around business growth in the real world. That understanding is what sets us apart and what drives the success of those with whom we partner.

      By combining the expertise of a large agency with the high-touch sensibilities of a boutique consultancy, we have helped many businesses reach their growth goals and marketing objectives.

      As a Google Partner, and Hubspot Platinum Solutions partner, we work hand-in-hand with sales and marketing teams of all sizes to uncover missed opportunities, automate marketing tasks, and drive high-quality leads.

      Want to discover what partnering with a high-performance agency can mean for your business or organization?

      Book a no-obligation discovery call with one of our expert marketing professionals.


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