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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

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      Exciting NEW HubSpot Reporting Features

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      New HubSpot Feature!

      Brand new features that are making all the noise…

      For anybody — marketers and data nerds — reporting has never gotten this exciting! 

      HubSpot just rolled out a series of new features on their portal this morning.

      And if the existing set of options weren’t amazing already, there are some more coming your way. You can now:

      1.) Put single reports on multiple dashboards.

      2.) Set up automatic reports to be sent on a recurring basis! + You choose what time it goes out.

      3.) Save time by not having to  search for your favorite properties anymore. The ones you use most  automatically show up at the top when you’re building out reports.

      4.) Place up to 30 cards on your dashboard.

      Want to discover all the awesomeness at your fingertips with Hubspot? One of our specialists would be stoked to show you around. Click below to get started.

      But . . . is HubSpot really that good?

      HubSpot is among the most comprehensive marketing and automation platforms around — that helps you execute, manage and measure all your inbound marketing activities. 

      It’s an all-in-one, out-of-the-box platform that lets you take care of everything from blogging and lead nurturing right down to analytics. So you never have to worry about integrating multiple platforms and tools for your marketing. 

      It’s easy to use and train your staff in. You get access to an abundance of third-party integrations and some industry leading SEO features. What a lot of marketers love about HubSpot though — if there weren’t enough reasons to love it already — is the robust reporting abilities of the platform. 

      Gathering metrics on HubSpot is easy, with basic analytics throughout all of its tools. Dashboard reporting seems to have just the right amount of data points — you’ll rarely ever need any more than that.

      Ready for a quick tour? Speak to one of our experts about what HubSpot can do to transform your business.

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