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      Connecting an All-in-One IoT Management Platform with Its Own Single-Pane Solution: HubSpot

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      Simetric created a best-in-class platform for managing thousands of connected devices in a single-pane-of-glass dashboard. But along the way, they had also built a costly demand generation campaign dependent on a bloated tech stack.

      With a fundraising effort on the horizon, it was time to team up with a demand-driving, CRM-focused agency that could optimize their approach.

      Enter the Digital Reach HubSpot team!

      Here’s how we helped Simetric optimize their use of HubSpot and find their footing with account-based marketing (ABM).


      How It Started

      When we first started working with Simetric in early 2021, they had a clear project timeline that necessitated quick action. They would be seeking their first round of venture capital funding later in the year, so they needed to nail down reliable methodology for driving demand.

      A patchwork of systems like Salesforce, Outreach, and Drift were bleeding their budget without any payoff. Simetric wrestled with too many tools that were fragmenting their marketing and sales processes instead of unifying and streamlining them.

      The pressure was on, but the path forward was clear: Simetric’s demand generation plan needed to be completely overhauled, including the tools they were using to deploy it.


      With that end-of-year fundraising round fast approaching, we hurried into action. Here’s how we spent the latter half of 2021:

      Streamlining Tech Stack

      Simetric needed to cut back on expensive tools that weren’t working to feed the bigger picture. They needed a platform that could do everything Salesforce, Outreach, and Drift were doing—but better.

      HubSpot was the natural answer.

      We got to work migrating Simetric into HubSpot, combining the power of the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs to unify departments under one roof and eliminating Simetric’s superfluous subscriptions. As we laid down the foundation for their campaign rebuild, we connected HubSpot and Salesforce to ensure constant visibility and alleviate downtime concerns.

      Developing & Deploying Automated ABM

      With all of their data in one place, we were able to dig into the issues that prevented Simetric’s existing demand generation strategy from succeeding. Our investigation revealed a funnel in shambles. The targeting was too broad, their content followed suit, and the leads were lukewarm as a result.

      We narrowed the scope to focus strictly on three thoroughly researched ideal customer profiles informed by the newly-organized user data and industry opportunities we uncovered.

      With this audience in mind, we used HubSpot integrations for Bombora and ZoomInfo to inform a closed-loop, automated ABM motion. Our not-so-secret weapon was messaging catered to the intent stage, deployed to surging target accounts.

      HubSpot helped here, too, making it easy to surface accounts prime for targeting and publishing smart content on various channels from one central hub. LinkedIn lead generation forms connected to HubSpot workflows automated sales team notifications and triggered email nurtures that kept the leads flowing.

      The right content getting to the right people at the right time made a world of difference. Keep scrolling to check out the metrics!

      Running Ads to Drive Demo Bookings

      The tools were in place and the audience was set. Simetric was ready to drive demos and close more deals. 

      Our ad strategy started with high-quality copy and creative assets tailored to the technical users in our target audience. We needed to show them that Simetric not only understood the challenges facing IoT companies, but that Simetric was the top carrier-agnostic solution for IoT enterprises attempting to scale and innovate. Pushing ads on Google, LinkedIn, and our preferred demand-side platforms, we started to generate buzz around Simetric’s best-in-class business solution.


      Simetric not only saw outstanding growth, but they achieved it quickly. Bringing all of their sales, marketing, and customer service into HubSpot improved their efficiency by a landslide. As the redesigned demand generation campaign kicked into gear, combined with a highly targeted account-based marketing strategy, Simetric was seeing a massive jump in interest for their IoT management platform. Marketing-qualified leads became sales-qualified leads, ramping up sales productivity as well.


      Simetric continues to prove itself as an industry-leading solution for enterprise IoT managers. As HubSpot evolves and Simetric grows, the potential for landmark innovation is endless for this power pair.

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