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      4 ‘Must-Have’ Practices For Your ABM Strategy

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      If you’re a Saas or B2B service company, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is vital to the success of your sales and marketing strategies. ABM helps your sales and marketing teams identify and target the most valuable accounts your company can profit from.

      Instead of reaching for a crowd, ABM offers a one-to-one, customized, and personalized approach. It can help your sales teams land high-value accounts to increase revenue. However, implementing a robust ABM strategy is a collaborative effort between all your departments as a whole — not just your sales and marketing teams.

      Here are four practices that are crucial to any successful ABM strategy.

      1) Find And Define Who Your Client Avatar Is

      By defining your client avatar, you can find and target your ideal target audience. Once you have drilled down on your target avatar, you can decide what type of company you want to work with or which one your team thinks would be a great fit.

      If you don't have a client avatar, it can be challenging to create your first list of target accounts and, in turn, be difficult to market to those specific accounts.

      2) Build Your Contact List First

      As soon as you have a client avatar and have their information in hand, you need to build your target list of contacts. You can now market to them and work within your company's customer relationship management (CRM).

      Unless you develop your target contact list first, you won't track progress or optimize your efforts over time.

      3) Make Targeted Personalized Content

      An effective ABM strategy relies on personalization, targeting accounts rather than generalized buyer personas. Do your research on these accounts and take your time. You must develop content that shows you understand each client's unique challenges and needs and have a solution for their problems.

      Reaching key accounts through targeted content is one of the best methods. In reality, though, it's much easier said than done to produce account-specific content. Your sales and marketing strategies must align to accomplish this goal, which requires excellent customer knowledge.

      4) Doing More Than Just Aligning Sales And Marketing

      What exactly can sales and marketing do to fuel ABM through content?

      Determine the type of content you need first. Ask critical questions to facilitate alignment between content creation and sales insights. These questions can sound like the following:

      Each decision-maker in the buying process raises a lot of objections…

      • What are some of those objections?
      • What are the decision-makers conversations?
      • What are they discussing when it comes to the buying process?
      • From existing customers, what can we learn or what insights can we gather?

      These questions can help you create content that will manage objections, target specific accounts, and expedite sales. The quality of your content will allow it to fuel a conversation if it is valuable, relevant, and contextual.

      Regardless of how well-planned your ABM strategy is, limiting your focus only to marketing and sales may result in other missed opportunities. To maximize the benefits of ABM, you should also aim for alignment between all other departments. Marketers skilled in ABM know that organizing a collaborative effort is the most effective way of reaching VIP accounts.

      HubSpot for ABM Marketing

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      HubSpot’s software offers a complete business solution, helping you create a strong alignment between marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

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